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Our Services

Our Services

The Life Expert Consultancy services are conducted by professionals with significant marketing experience and operate in focused functional areas and through these areas, our team can set all marketing strategies for go Market, tactical plans, handle recruitment of professionals, Business Development, Execution plans and in house training . as well as information technology, and brand building cost effective with sales growth.

Our team is composed of passionate individuals that work in a manner which deems to be the highest degree of integrity and honesty just like gears of a clock, our team works diligently and efficiently to meet our client’s needs.

Our project process has been refined and streamlined over time, whether it’s a large or small scale project, we work hard to ensure that you receive a high-quality of service on time.

In order to fulfill client needs though convenient and most suitable offering, our expertise team provides simple yet best customer service to maximize share holders value

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The Life Experts Consultancy Can Assist You at Every Step

Consulting Services

Our executive search consultancy service focuses on our client’s most critical issues and opportunities.

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Marketing Services

Marketing services are designed to manage and minimize the challenges and complexities of modern marketing.

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Sourcing Services

Sourcing expertise lies with the identification of suppliers, goods and services, the negotiation of pricing.

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Imagination (Discovery)

➵ Begins with an idea. We collaborate with you to understand your needs and goals in order to analyze your project and target audience and competitors.
➵ Once our team has a good grasp of your business, ideas are then exchanged and milestone dates are identified to gauge how the Project will progress.
➵ Discovery of your needs.
➵ Solution proposal.
➵Wire frames.
➵ Pre-comp review.


➵ We present a data of your project in development.
➵ For review. here, the core project is reviewed.
➵ Tested and prepared for final round of adjustments.
➵ Our team will step back in to make the appropriate.
➵ Edits to reach finalization.
➵ Back-end development(if applicable).
➵ Review of project on test area.
➵ Revision and approval for implementation


➵ Virtual Goes Live. The Launch of The Completed.
➵ Project is Accepted. The Continuing Relationship.
➵ With the Clients Evolves From Year to Year.
➵ Delivery of Final Project.
➵ Client Training (if Applicable).
➵ Ongoing Maintenance and Support.
➵ Collaborate & Produce.
➵ Evaluate.

How Our Experts fit your Business Needs

Whatever the challenges, Wherever it is based, Which ever ways to market, tasks and other requirements you have
All our clients said that we put 100% efforts into everything we do.
We are confident that the LEGC can work closely with you to deliver the best practice tools and results which reflect on maximizing your profits.